How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

How to Speed Up Your Blog - speed meter

How to Speed Up Your Blog

When you browsing a website and the page you are visiting isn’t fully loaded after few seconds, you probably became impatient and close it or try to browse other website. If you are a blog owner, this absolutely a disadvantage especially if you sell products or services on blog. Losing visitors means you losing potential buyers.

I’m sure you already know if Google has added site speed as one of factor which affect search ranking in it’s alogarithms. Below is the announcement on Google Webmaster Blog :

As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests.

source :

What I want to share in this post is how to optimize the performance of  your wordpress blog to make it load faster with wordpress plugins.

# Wordpress performance before optimization:

speed up your blog, speed test before optimization

Speed test result before optimization

# WordPress performance after optimization:

Speed Test result after optimization

Speed Test result after optimization

The left grade is Google Page Speed and the right grade is YSlow . This grade is based on every factor your site have fullfilled such as Remove unused CSS, Optimize images, Specify image dimensions, etc (find out more at GTmetrix).

Optimasi di atas tidak dikerjakan secara manual tetapi dengan bantuan plugin untuk mempercepat load halaman blog wordpress. Berikut ini plugin yang digunakan:

This optimization process doesn’t  require advance technique, even beginner can do it.  All you have to do is install plugins below:

1. WP Minify

How this plugin works?
This plugin integrates the Minify engine into your WordPress blog. Once enabled, this plugin will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

WP Minify grabs JS/CSS files in your generated WordPress page and passes that list to the Minify engine. The Minify engine then returns a consolidated, minified, and compressed script or style for WP Minify to reference in the WordPress header.

2. Improve My Load Times

How does it work?

This plugin allows you to compress your webpages to save bandwidth and make your blog load faster.  As soon as you enable the plugin, compression will be automatically enabled and your blog will load much, much quicker! You should also save between 50% – 80% bandwidth too, just by using this plugin!

3. WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users, but because a user’s details are displayed in the comment form after they leave a comment those requests are handled by the legacy caching engine.

After you installed the plugins above, activated them. Browse for the setting of every plugin inside your dashboard menu and do some tweak to make these plugins works.

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