True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop (P3D)

True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop (P3D)


It is sure that people will need to eat in their everyday life. Eating becomes the way people fulfill their necessity about food but for modern people, eating any kind of food is not enough because they need the food which can support their activity with proper nutrient and at the same time the food should also make people able to enjoy the delicious taste for their satisfaction. Some people just go out and eat in near restaurant because they are too busy with their daily activity especially which is associated with the job so they cannot or do not want to spare time for cooking. In fact, cooking the food at home will help people to control their nutrient intake and at the same time they are also able to save a lot of money for enjoying the delicious food. Of course for making the food which is delicious, people need to practice but besides the experience, people should also get the proper equipment for cooking the food with the best method. Single Burner Induction Cooktop must be good option for supporting people’s cooking activity especially for them who live alone during their busy activity.

If people are looking for the portable indcution cookers which are efficient in energy use, TRUE Induction from Winnebago is the best option. This product offers the technology which is advanced for cooker and it is perfect with the design which is sleek. This cooker is even in heating and it can be adjusted for getting the right heat instantly. It is also completed with quick response times. The safety in cooking experience becomes the greatest offer of this cooker since there are no open flames. There is overheating sensors which are useful for automatically making the cooker turn off when there is no cookware on top of it in present. The precise cooking experience is supported by the temperature which can be set exactly and the timer function. It is possible to use this cooker for melting chocolate or confectionary without using double boiler. This product is offered with two year warranty. This cooker works not with the hot plates which is already old style but with electromagnet cooking vessel which makes heating the food is even and fast with energy output in minimal rate. The heat transfer process which is instant and direct makes this induction unit is superior compared to gas and electric cooker. It has 120V AC/ 60Hz power which is rated at 1600 watts and temperature can be chosen between 150 and 450 degree Fahrenheit. People only need to plug the unit into standard 110 outlet and they can use it for the extraordinary cooking experience. The digital touch panel which is placed on the top for convenience becomes replacement of knob function. This is the counter top induction unit which is light in weight.

This cooker has quick response times and it has the functionality which is impressive of course. It is light weight counter top which is affordable since it is only single cooker. The technology touch can also be found in the digital touch panel for controlling the heat for cooking. This unit is super easy to use but although it is true induction cooktop, quite same cooking way can still be experienced with this induction cooktop. Induction cooktop becomes kind of trend in kitchen ware and becomes the dream for many people who want to get trendy and modern kitchen in their living place. Various products of induction cooktop are offered at the market but people can find good enough customers response from the induction cooktop reviews. It is fast and efficient cook top which is truly great induction cooktop product.

Single Burner Induction Cooktop

Single Burner

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