WordPress Tutorial 1 : How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!

WordPress Tutorial 1 : How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!

Video Transcription

Hi, in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to register a domain name. First you need to go to namecheap.com. NameCheap is a very well trusted and reliable domain registrar and they host thousand of domain name, so.. you can be reassured that your domain name can be found.
So, what you need to do first is go to namecheap.com and then enter in the domain name of your choice in this field here. So I’m going to put in mine, which is just an example – yourchoiceofdomainname.com. You can choose the extension. For this purpose choices of .com which is most common, or I would recommend of .com if .com isn’t available, you can choose .net or .org. I wouldn’t recommend any other extension as it is not quite as search engine friendly* as a .com, .net, or .org. So, stick to .com, .net, or .org.

Simply do a search and check if its available. If its avaiable so you can register straight away. As you can see its available and you can add to cart. And if its unavailable you don’t need to worry. You can choose .net or .org, or you can choose different domain name. So you can changing around in different variations of your choice.

So if you want to go ahead  and register your domain name, simply add to cart and follow this steps here. So, I would simply go to express checkout and simply fill in the form and make your purchase. This would guarantee you secure the domain of your choice. So that conclude video.

Note: search engine friendly on video transcription above is supposed to be “user friendly”.

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Suggestion about Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*

Choosing a domain name is as essential as choosing a name as your brand. A domain name represent the content of your site, but it it is not “a must” to include the keywords of your site in domain name. I personally suggest to use the name of your business (brand)¬† as your domain name and stick to .com, .net, and .org extension.

The Best Domain Name

  • The best domain name is a domain name which is short and easy to remember. Example: google.com, youtube.com, amazon.com, yahoo.com, etc.
  • Since most of domain name use letter, you might need to prevent using hyphens and numeric character of 0 (zero) which is have same appearance with “o” (letter) in some font.


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