WordPress Tutorial 6 : How to customize your WordPress dashboard

Wordpress Tutorial 6 : How to customize your WordPress dashboard

Video Transcription

How to customize your wordpress dashboard. When you first log in, you see your dashboard. Now this is the main area and default page when you first log in.

To customize control what you see in your dashboard, simply look at the top right hand corner for screen options. You can select and deselect the options you”d like.

So if I”d like a more cleaner look and less options then I would only select the necessary and required options here.

So I don’t want to Quick Press, I would deselect the Quick Press. I don’t want the Recent Drafts. I don’t want News from The WordPress Blog. I don’t want Other WordPress News. I can also choose a number of columns, 1, 2, 3, or 4.

If I select 1, you can see that it spreads out to just one column, or switched back to 2 for this example. I can also drag the windows and boxes. So now I’ve customized my dashboard.

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