Cutting Your Carbohydrate Consumption for a Perfect Body

Cutting Your Carbohydrate Consumption for a Perfect Body
Cutting Your Carbohydrate Consumption for a Perfect Body

People often misunderstand the concept of carbohydrate diet; they argue that you need to cut off your carbohydrate consumption to zero. However, cutting your carbohydrate consumption doesn’t mean that you need to avoid them entirely. Human generally need around 300 gr to 400 gr of carbohydrate on daily basis, you can cut them from 150 gr to 100 gr for a day.

Avoiding carbohydrate is not the solution to lose weight, because it will make your body became stress out, as the amount of food that you consume later on might be doubled. Besides, your body also needs some amount of carbohydrate to do be able in completing the daily task. The amount of carbohydrate that you cut from your menu should be equivalent with the activities that you always do, as it might affect your metabolism as well as muscle mass.

The amount of carbohydrate that you cut from the menu should be replaced with protein especially from meats and fish; but if you prefer to do vegetarian diets, consuming various types of nuts is possible. Vegetables and fruits are best for your main menu, as it improves your digestion system and provides a suitable nutrition that you need. You can also consume carbohydrate by replacing your white rice with potato, yam, and oatmeal which are much healthier. In order to get a maximal result, you also need to avoid consuming coconut milk and simple carbohydrates.

Even though carbohydrate diet is effective in reducing the body weight, but it may also lead so some of side effect. People who cut of their carbohydrate consumption drastically tend to suffer a short memory term, as they easily forget about things. Kidney problem might also occur if you do the diet recklessly, other side effects that might appear as the result of carbohydrate diet are osteoporosis, constipation, tiredness, and dizziness.

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There are other diet strategies that also allow you to cut down your carbohydrate consumption. First is paleo diet that focuses on reducing the consumption of sugar, flour and dairy product. Second is, Mediterranean diet that entirely cutting down the consumption of carbohydrate and sugar; replacing them with vegetables, fruits, and fishes as the main source of nutrition. Ketogenic diet is also a type of diet that cut down the consumption of carbohydrate by replacing them with high protein. Atkin diet is suitable for those who prefer a vegetarian diet, as the menus only consist of veggies protein as well as vegetables and fruits.

Since carbohydrate diet might leads to yo-yo effect, you should cut down the carbohydrate consumption slowly, so your body can accept the changes without being stress out. Yo-yo effect might make your final expectation fail, as you can’t reach your ideal weigh permanently since you can easily gain weight even after you cut down the carbohydrate entirely. If this type of side effect occurs, you might need to consult it with your personal doctor as it might lead to serious problem. Some people might gain 2 to 5 kg as the result of yo-yo effect, while others might gain more than 23 kg in no time.