Diet for Cancer Patients

diet for cancer patients
Diet for Cancer Patients

Diet is often regarded as compulsory treatment, as it improves the performance of the medicine as well as reduces the side effect that might occur as the result of the illness. When it comes to diet as treatment, you cannot create your own goal as it is usually designed by special nutritionist collaborating with the doctors. The diet for each patient might also be different, as they are designed based on the symptoms that affect their lives. Diet for the depressed patient will be entirely different from those who suffer from high cholesterol, so do the diet for cancer patients.

The main purpose of a cancer’s diet is to reduce the side effect of radiation, chemotherapy and cancer treatment. Diet is also seen as the solution to prevent nutritional deficiencies as well as to maximise the quality of life while completing your cancer treatment. Balance diet is necessary to make your treatment and diet mutual with each other, your oncologist might suggest you add more protein or calories if it is necessary; so, diets don’t always mean reducing the amount of food that you consume. Discussing it with your nutritionist is really crucial because the needs of each patient are different from one and another.

Basically, the main sources of nutrition for cancer’s diet are taken from whole grain, as they contain more fibre than simple carbohydrate. It does not only supply the need of your carbohydrate but also helps your digestive system. Patients are also encouraged to eat more vegetables and fruits on daily basis, a glass of fruit juice, as well as half bowl of vegetables, need to be consumed in every meal. Reducing meat consumption is also necessary especially when the treatment cause constipation as a side effect. If it is possible, you also need to avoid sugar, sweetener as well as fast food; because they will strengthen the cancer cell that grows in your body.
There are several types of food that you need to avoid; instead of helping you deal with cancer, these foods will only make the symptoms worsen or it might make your treatment ineffective. It includes foods that cause cancer such as fried food, MSG, as well as aspartame. Foods that interfere with your cancer treatment such as alcohol and coffee should also be avoided together with those which distract your immune system.

Replace the food that triggers the cancer cell on your body with those that fight back such as broccoli, grape, almond, carrot, and pineapple is a wise decision, as they work better with your medication. Usually, people with cancer are encouraged to consume the fruits and vegetable in raw, as cooking might lessen the enzyme and hardly digest.

The term of fasting and diet for cancer patients means two different things, fasting as treatment will only allow you to eat specific food during the treatment. While diet is more likely reducing the triggers which cause the cancer cell to grow.

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