Diet to Gain Weight

Diet to Gain Weight
Diet to Gain Weight

Diet is not only about losing weight and getting an ideal skinny posture, but it can also mean adding more calories in your daily meals in order to stay fit. Of course, the treatments between those who want to lose weight and those who want to increase their body mass are different; as the outcomes of both treatments are totally opposite.

Some people have difficulties losing weight; while others are hardly trying their best to gain one more kilogram so they don’t get too skinny. There are several reasons why some people keep losing weight even after eating a great portion of food; it can be a result of genetic factor, some medical issue, and low-calories consumption.  Finding the main cause is the key point in developing your diet program, as it needs some specific medication which mutual with your diet program.

If you keep losing weight because of low calories intake, the possible way to increase your body mass is to add more nutrition on your meal. It doesn’t mean that you can add all food on your daily consumption, as both junk food and high-fat snacks are totally forbidden. Instead of eating more unhealthy food, adding more seeds, grains, and the dairy product can give a more positive result.

It is not only helping you to gain more weight but also improving your metabolism and digestive performance. Consuming junk food will only increase the cholesterol level, while their calories substances remain low. Besides, it may lead to serious illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, and etc.

If medical issues became the key factor, then you might need to ask your doctor for compulsory treatments that allow you to gain weight. Some illness cause losing weight such as cancer, thyroid, diabetes, and digestive problem.  Instead of doing diet, you might need to find a suitable medical treatment; as overcoming the illness will eventually help you to gain more weight.

Losing weight can also occur in those who suffer from mental illness such as depression and anxiety, patients with mental issue tend to lose appetite, skip meals, and throw up the food they eat. If this occurs for a long period, it might lead to bulimia and anorexia. The diets that suitable for those who keep losing weight as the result of depression include avoiding the trigger food such as caffeine and alcohol and replacing the unsaturated fat with vegetables and fruit.

The genetic factor can also be the main reason why you can’t gain more weight, some researchers believe that some people grow more hormone that leads them to lose calories intakes easily; as the result, they can’t gain weight even though they eat greater than normal people. Even though genetic factor seems to be less dangerous, but you still need to design a healthy balanced meal to keep your current weight. In general, not all type of diets suitable for those three causes; consulting it with your doctor and nutritionist is crucial to determine the cause and to find the right treatment. Overcoming the cause is the main factor in designing the diet plan; do not make your own diet plan without the guidance from your doctor.

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