Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan

Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan
Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan

Vegetarian is not only a lifestyle, but it is also a way that is done by most of the people who want to lose their weight and also live in the healthier way. Although vegetarian is a positive thing and healthy, if you want to have this program or becoming a vegetarian, it is better to arrange the right plan.

Commonly, the vegetarian meal schedule can be called as the daily consumption pattern by not eating the meats. However, in fact, there are some vegetarians who are still consuming some kinds of meats or the processed products that are made from the animal. To make the vegetarians are still healthy, it is better to pay attention to the nutrition that is contained in every meal that is eaten by the vegetarians.

The Main Nutrition that is Needed by the Vegetarian

By having the right understanding and planning, it is quite easy to make the healthy vegetarian diet plan. You will get the balance nutrition absorbent. It will make the vegetarian gets various kinds of the nutrition that is needed by the body although the vegetarians are not eating the animals’ products. Below is the main nutrition that is needed by the vegetarians:


Calcium is the essential nutrition that is needed by our body. This nutrition is good for our teeth and bones healthy. The common people or them who are not having the vegetarian lifestyle can get the calcium from some sources such as the milk, yogurt, cheese and many more again. If you are a vegetarian, you may not be worried because you can still get the calcium from some other sources. The vegetarians can get the calcium from the products such as the soybean, oats, nuts and the dried fruits.


Protein will keep your skin, bones, muscle and the other parts of our body are healthy. Milk and the processed products are the good sources to get the protein. However, for the vegetarian, they can get the protein from some meals such as the soybean, peanuts and the whole seeds.


The Vitamin D can be made automatically by our body by using the help of the sunshine. However, the vegetarian can also get the other vitamin D sources as the good meal to eat. Those sources are like the cereal and the soybean drink that has been completed by the vitamin D.


Iodine is the important nutrition that is needed by our body to make our entire organ is having the great healthiness. In fact, if the vegetarian doesn’t have enough understanding and plan, their body can be lacked iodine and it is not good for their body. That is why; the vegetarians have to consume some iodine sources such as the sweet potatoes, soybean and the cabbage vegetable. Some kinds of vegetables that they can consume are like the bokchoy, broccoli and many more again in which those vegetables are rich of the iodine that is needed by our body.

Fruits and Vegetables Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Fruits and Vegetables Diet Plan for Weight Loss
Fruits and Vegetables Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Diet program is really recommended for them who want to lose some weights. Maybe most of the doctors or the health expert will recommend you to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Actually, the fruits and vegetable diet plan for weight loss needs to be maintained really well to make you are healthy. Usually, the diet program is made by reducing the carbohydrate consumption such as from the rice, noodle, potatoes and many more. However, it needs more attention, especially for you who have the gastric pains.

Actually, carbohydrate has a lot of benefits for our body such as giving you more energy. However, if you are consuming too much carbohydrate and not burn it quickly, it will become the fat. That is why; reducing the carbohydrate amount is really recommended.

The Fact about Rice as the Carbohydrate Source

We will take the rice as the example of carbohydrate source for this case. In a portion, rice has for about 250 calories and it also contains the sugar. In your diet program, you can replace the rice by the other carbohydrate sources that have the lower calories and sugar amount such as consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, potatoes, wheat bread, boiled eggs and etc.

Fruits and vegetables can be inserted to your diet plan because it will give you all the nutrition that is needed by your body. However, it is better to gain more knowledge about the fruit and vegetables and also the nutrition, so that you can vary the fruits and vegetables to get the right nutrition for the body.

Below are the examples of the fruits and vegetable diet plan for weight loss without consuming the carbohydrate like the rice:


In the morning or for breakfast, you need some foods that can give you enough energy so you can start your day really well. In this case, there are some super foods that you can try to replace the rice. The combinations of the breakfast menu for your diet program are like consuming the wheat bread, vegetables, and skimmed milk. In addition, you can consume the fruits as the snack such as eating the melon, apple, and kiwi.


For the lunch, you can consume the vegetables that are cooked to some delicious menus such as salad and many more. Combine it with consuming the fish and the fruits as well. You can also insert some fruit as the snack such as apple, kiwi, melon, grapes and etc.


For the dinner, you can consume the boiled potatoes, vegetables and the green tea that is made without any sugar.

The fruits and vegetables diet plan for weight loss above is not binding and it can be made based on your need. Fish itself is important to get the animal product absorbance to make your body is strong and ready to do all the activities in your day. To gain the protein absorbance, you can consume the boiled eggs or the chicken without the skin.

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