How to Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Losing Weight After Pregnancy
Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Mothers usually gain some weight during pregnancy and it often remains for several years or just months. As the result, getting your old body back is one of the thought tasks after giving birth. Diet is one of the possible ways in getting your body shape back, as it does not need medical procedure, it less harmful to your baby. Usually, this type of diet is accompanied with certain exercise to tighten your muscle. When you do the diet without the exercise, you will end up having disturbing excess skin which is unfavorable. The exercise may include aerobic and strength training, they both also help new mother the cope with post-pregnancy stress and insomnia.

There are several factors that you need to consider while doing diet, it is not only about losing weight but also about preserving your energy. You need to consider about the type of diet that you want to have, it is important to choose the one that give fewer side effects as it may also indirectly affect your child. If your diet makes you unable to breast feed your child, it might be wise to stop doing it and choose other possible solutions.

There is also findings which said that breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but also help you to lose some weight, even thought the statement has not been proved yet. Balance variety of food is necessary to lose weight; it is not only providing enough nutrition but also helping you to overcome hungriness. Instead of snacking, you can choose variety of wheat crackers, apple and carrot as snacks.

Foods which are also known as super foods are recommended for mothers who do diet after the pregnancy. They include salmon, low fat dairy product, lean beef, beans brown rice, and blubbery. Salmon is highly recommended for new mother, it not only help your mood but also contain DHA which give benefit to your baby; besides, it also contains less mercury.

When it comes to dairy product, low fat milk is preferable as it helps mother to boost bone-strengthening and supply vitamin D. While lean meal will help new mother to have more energy, as it contains vitamin B12. Replacing your potato with brown rice is also possible, if your want to control the amount of carbohydrate that you have to consume. You should not cut down your calories drastically, as it may make you feel sluggish and reduce your breast milk.

Diet after pregnancy needs to be guided by professional doctors and nutritionists. You can’t decide diet without considering the condition your child as well as your body, please ask your doctor if you plan to do diet during breastfeeding your child. You should also avoid doing diet in your first 6 months especially if you plan to give your baby exclusive breastfeeding. You also need to be aware that breast feeding mother cannot consume any medication for diet purposes, please discuss it with your doctor when you choose to lose weight trough medication. Rather than losing weight in instant, eating healthy food is more favorable as it gives long term effect.