Is being Vegan Healthy?

Is being Vegan Healthy? Are Vegetarians Healthier?
Is being Vegan Healthy? Are Vegetarians Healthier?

Is being vegan healthy? It is really an interesting question to answer since now the vegetarian diet is becoming a trend. It seems that a lot of people want to be a vegan because they want to get the positive benefits of that lifestyle.

Becoming a vegan is not just a lifestyle, but in fact, it can be the right selection in your life. There are various reasons and consideration of why someone is starting to become a vegan. However, there are three common reasons that seem becomes the base of why someone wants to become a vegan. Those reasons are to respect the animals, nature and also for the health reason.

However, is being vegan healthy? Is that true? Knowing more about that and get the answer by reading the description below.

What is the different between ‘vegans’ and ‘vegetarian’?

Maybe, most of you are ever heard about vegan and vegetarian. The question is that, are those things the same? Before starting your vegetarian diet, it is better to know the differences between vegan and vegetarian.

Vegan is a diet that is just eating the planted meals such as the vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and many more. It means that vegan doesn’t eat the meals that are taken from the animals, it is included the animal products such as the cheese, milk, eggs, honey and many else. That is why; the vegan diet contains high fiber, magnesium, folate acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron and the phytochemicals substances that can be gotten from the plants.

Vice versa, the vegan diet is usually less of calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol, fat acid, omega 3, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12 that is usually gotten from the animals.

The Benefits of Having the Vegan Diet

However, if you have the right consumption for your vegan diet, this kind of diet will give a lot of benefits for your health. Those benefits are as follows:

  1. Having the less risk of getting the heart attack

The research shows that vegan has the thinner body than the vegetarian. It means that the vegan has less LDL cholesterol and the whole cholesterol. Usually, they also have the low blood pressure. It is because vegan consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, folate acid, antioxidant and the phytochemicals substances. A vegan has a lower blood pressure and the consumption of some super food likes beans, soybeans, and nuts to the vegan can protect them from the heart attack.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of nutrition that can protect your body from cancer. One of the nutrition that is contained by vegetables and fruits are the complex phytochemicals that are known so effective to reduce the risk of cancer. Phytochemicals work as the antioxidant and to inhibit some cells that are worked to make the cancer cells.

So, being vegan can be healthy as long as you consume the right and various vegan foods that can fulfil all the nutrition that is needed by your body.

Are Vegetarians Healthier? 

Nowadays, some people are deciding to be a vegetarian because of some reasons. The main reason is the healthiness. It is because most of them thought that being a vegetarian is healthier. However, is it true?

Vegetarian is the people who live by only consuming the vegetal products, with or without the milk and eggs. Usually, they also avoid the meat, seafood and the poultry products. In fact, vegetarian is divided into some different types or groups.

When someone decided to become a vegetarian, it is for sure that there are some reasons that he or she want to get. For the example, they want to live healthy, want to start the diet program and many more again. The healthy reason is in-line with the research that is done by many experts where they said that consuming the red meat will make someone has the higher risk to have the heart attack, stroke, and diabetic.

Whatever the reason that is used by someone in becoming the vegetarian, the needs of nutrition for our body must be fulfilled; so, are vegetarians healthier? Find the answer below.

Most of the doctors and the nutritionist thought that the low-fat diet by consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables and bans can bring a lot of benefits for your healthiness. There is also a research which shows that reducing or erasing the red meats from your menu can decrease the risk of having the heart attack and the type 2 Diabetic. In the other side, a study in Germany shows the colon cancer wherein between 1900 vegetarian. The result shows that the people who had already become the vegetarian for about last 20 years have the lower risk of having cancer.

Becoming a vegetarian is like the two sides of a coin, it has a lot of benefits and also it can make someone lacks protein, iron, zinc, and calcium. The example is lack of the Vitamin B12 because naturally the Vitamin B12 just can be founded on the animals’ product. The risk that can be gotten by someone who lack of vitamin B12 is the anemia and blind. The good news that lately there is a research which shows that mushroom also contains the Vitamin B12 with the varied amounts.

Besides the Vitamin B12, lack of calcium risk is also big for a vegetarian who is not consuming the milk. That is why; they need to consume more vegetables that rich of calcium such as the broccoli and the leaves, mustard and peas.

Based on the definition above, it is clear that becoming a vegetarian will make you get a lot of benefits. However, it is not straightly guaranteeing your health, especially if you are not paying attention to what you eat and the nutrition that you can get daily. In the other words, we can say that becoming a vegetarian is healthy as long as all the nutrition that is needed can be fulfilled.

That is why; you have to learn more about vegetarian and the best-balanced menus for the vegetarian.

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