Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone
Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone

 Samsung Galaxy S6 is a new smart phone from Samsung. Samsung said that this smart phone is really powerful to use and it is definitely beautiful to hold. The body is made from the all metal and the glass materials that will make the bold statement and give the luxurious outlook of the impression. Besides that, this smart phone is really slim and light weight. It will make you comfortable even when you held this smart phone for a long time. You will get and feel the power from the Lightning fast Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa Core 64 bit Processor. You will also get the amazing speed from this “engine”.

If you wanted to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Review, below is the detail information.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Specification of a new smart phone is just like the most important thing to be known. Because it is one of the Samsung’s products, the specification is really serious and good. For the display, this new smart phone has the 5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED in the screen. It will give the clear image with the great colors in the screen. For the camera, this smart phone has the 16 MP rear facing camera. It can support all your needs in the photography world.

This Samsung Galaxy S6 unlocked cellphone are compatible or suitable with some GSM Carriers such as the T-Mobile and AT&T. Besides that, this smart phone is also compatible with the GSM SIM cards like the straight talk, H20, and the other select prepaid carriers that you choose. However, this smart phone is will not work with some CDMA Carriers such as the Verizon, Boost, Virgin and Sprint. The options of the colors that you can choose for this smart phone are: the Blue Topaz, White and Black Saphire.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone
Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked Cellphone

After we are talking about the specs, so the next thing that is really interesting to be known is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Features. It has many great and interesting features for you and for all the Samsung’s consumers. This is the perfect Android device that you can choose because it will support your activities in many aspects. This is a device that fits with some aspects such as the price, style, size and the features as well. Besides that, this smart phone is also could work across all the devices that you have such as the tablet, phone and many more. So, you can pick this up at any places that you want to.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will make your life is simpler because of the Google apps that is loaded on this smart phone. You can find so many Google Apps that are loved by many people such as the Google Maps, Search, calendar, GMAIL, YouTube and many more interesting applications. This smart phone is also having all of your favorite content. You can look for many things by using this device such as the music, TV, movies, books, news, magazines, games and apps. It is really complete.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S6 has many pros and it is more in number than the cons. The pros or the strength that you will get from this device are:

  • It has the strong design that make this smart phone is looked stronger.
  • This smart phone is already supported the 4GLTE connectivity for the super quick internet access.
  • It has the Super AMOLED 1440 X 2560 pixel that has the highest density and the color contrast that is really good and it will be still looked clear even it is placed under the sun shine.
  • Operating System. This smart phone had the 0S Android V5.O Lollipop that will give the best appearance, and the newest game and applications.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 has the Processor Exynos 7420 Octa core that is combined with 3GB RAM. It will give the best performance without the lag.
  • This smart phone uses the wireless charging Qi/PMA feature with the Smart Stay, s Voice features and the Internet base storage One Drive with 115 GB Cloud storage.
  • the capacity of the battery 3000 mAh that is more than enough to support this smart phone performance. It can accompany you to do some activities in a very long time.

Those were the Samsung Galaxy S6 Pros. Besides having the pros, this smart phone is also having the cons. However, the cons is not too much and it is less than the pros. The cons of this smart phone are no Micro SD Slot on this smart phone and some people agree that this smart phone has too expensive price. It is even too expensive for just buying a smart phone. Even some people said that the price is too expensive, but the fact is said that this smart phone is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

We are all now already knew about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Review. Now, it is maybe the right time to know about the price. Price is a critical and the important thing for a new smart phone Device. So, what is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Price? This smart phone is offered with the price of $469.90. This smart phone is maybe on the middle price range and it is not that expensive. As we know that there are some other Samsung smart phone products that have the higher price.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

The last information that we will give for you is about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date. This smart phone is already released to the public on 2015. So, it means that you can have this smart phone now and you can buy it on this time. However, do not forget to always choose the legal stores to get the genuine Samsung Galaxy S6 Products. You can get some recommendations that you can get from the Internet or from your trusted friends about knowing the right place to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6.