Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5

Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5
Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5

Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5- This is an original and the brand new smartphone product from the biggest Technology Company in this world, Samsung. As the latest product from Samsung, this new series had the high specification to compete with the other products on its’ line up and to fulfill what the customers are expected. Now, this series has 32 GB with the Gold Factory unlocked GSM phone. It will come in an Original Samsung Box that is also included the original accessories inside the box. Because this is a kind of the GSM Version, it will not work in CDMA Network that we know such as Verizon and Sprint.

If you were interested to know more about this Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5, below is the further explanation about the features, specifications and many more. Let’s take a look.

Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5 Features

For the very first time, it is so interesting to talk about the Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5 features. This series is should be had the best features to be the winner in the competition and because it is Samsung, maybe we will agree that it will have the great features. This smartphone has the displays with the size of 5.7 inches or 143.99mm and the Resolution of 2560 x 1440 with the Quad HD Technology. The OS that is used on this phone is the Android OS, v5.1.1 Lollipop type. The size or the LWH for this product is 6.03 inches, 0.3 inches, 3 inches with 6.08 ounces for the weight. Some people agree that this smartphone has the slim design that will make the users are easier to hold it or even to keep it on a bag.

How about the internal memory? The Samsung N920 Unlocked Galaxy Note 5 has 32 GB for the internal memory and 4 GB RAM on it. It is such a big size for the RAM and it is good. This smartphone is also completed with the camera with some added modern technologies such as the optical image stabilization, autofocus, LED Flash. It will give you the best quality in capturing the pictures with the clear images. With 16 MP Camera and 5312 x 2988 pixels, you will be not doubted with the image quality. Besides having the best quality of the image or photo that you capture, this smartphone is also can record the video with the great image. The resolution that you will get for the video recording activities is UHD 4K (3840 X 2160 )@30 fps. Samsung Galaxy note 5 has the high specifications for it dual cameras. It will support your video chatting activities really well. That was the complete Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pros and Cons

It is a normal thing that a smartphone product is usually having the pros and cons. So did the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The pros that you will get from this smartphone is that this phone is already had the Super AMOLED Capacitive touch screen that be able to create up to 16 million colors. This screen has the multi touch type and it is already completed with the screen coverer Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that will protect the screen from any scratches. The dual cameras that are added on this phone are the other pros that you can get especially for you who love the photography. These cameras will also support you to do the video chatting activities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not only having the pros, but it has some cons as well. The cons or the weaknesses for this phone are on the saving room where this phone is not supported by the external memory. Besides that, the other con in this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is from the battery that is used. This phone is still using the Non Removable type for the battery, so you can not be able to put it off. However, although this phone is still using the Non Removable battery, this battery has the huge saving capability such as the Li Po type that can save up to 3000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price

Price is the interesting thing to be known. How about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price? We know that this phone has the great features. Is it expensive? Actually, the word expensive is maybe different for one to the other. After knowing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review, some people maybe thought that this smart phone is expensive or affordable and appropriate with all the features that offer. Nowadays, this Samsung product is offered in the market with the price for about $613.68. Is it affordable or maybe too expensive? All is based on your own opinion and your own thinking.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

We already knew about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review Right now. So, is this phone is already released on the market? The Answer is yes. This phone is already released on the market since August, 2015. So, if you wanted to buy one of these smart phones you can buy it from some trusted online website that sell this phone or you can buy it on the Samsung stores near you or the other legal mobile phone store. Remember to just buying the legal phone because it will give the best performance for you and it can avoid you from many problems in the future.

For the conclusion, we can say that this smart phone is a best deal to have. It has the great features and specifications and many pros. Although this phone is having some cons, it is not breaking all the good side of this new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So, it was the full Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review that can be your knowledge and we hope that it can be a useful guidance for you if you are interested in having or buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.