Vegetarian Diet for Obesity

vegetarian diets
vegetarian diets

For some people, vegetarian is a way of life or as a rebellion against animal cruelty. As they avoid any animal ingredients, not only the meat but also eggs, milk, honey and many more. The principal of the concept is to consume no meat and replacing them with plant base diet. Some people choose vegetarian diet because they have digestive problem, since consuming more vegetables and fruits help them to defecate better. However, some people choose vegetarian as a diet program to reduce weigh gain. Usually, it is not done for a long time period, but only in a limited span until they reach the suitable body mass.

Even though the purposes of vegetarian diet differ from those who dedicate their life against animal cruelty but the practice is quite similar. In doing vegetarian diet, you need to avoid consuming animal protein and replacing them with plant base nutrition. Some people think that it is impossible to replace animal protein with vegetable and fruits, but recent study argue that plant base proteins are much better than animal, so you might not suffer from malnutrition as long as you can organize the diet properly.

soybean for vegetarian diets

Generally, in doing vegetarian diets you need to avoid saturated fat and replacing them with fiber and antioxidant food. Vegetables and fruits are the main ingredients that are used to create the recipe, but it doesn’t mean that you can only eat salad and raw fruits. You can still cook your vegetables into unlimited dishes, but you only need to be more creative in developing the recipe. Instead of using eggs for your cake or biscuit, you can use banana which give similar result. You can get proteins from nuts and grains; instead of consuming meats, you can eat tofu or soybean cake to supply your daily protein intake.

You can also replace your daily snack with granola bar which is easily made by combining several nuts and seed; they are not only healthier but also taste good. Finding vegetarian meal in restaurant is not a hard thing to do, as most of restaurants are well prepare when they have a vegan guest. Even though you can only consume vegetables and fruits, it doesn’t means that the food you can enjoy is less attractive than others.

Vegetarian diet also gives benefit for those who are suffering from serious illness. People who cut down their meat consumption and replacing them with vegetarian diet has less chances to get cancer. Some patients with cancer also state that their health has been improved after doing vegetarian diets. It is not only good for patients with cancer, but also those who suffer hearth disease and diabetes type 2.

Since vegetarian diet is good for health, many people decided to make vegetarian as a way of life. What you need to make sure in doing vegetarian diet is that you need to arrange your daily meal carefully, you need to pay attention about the amount of nutrition you need. If you have no experience in making your own daily menu, consulting it with nutritionist might be a good thing.