Vegetarian Lunch Recipes Idea

vegetarian lunch recipes idea
vegetarian lunch recipes idea

Vegetarian lunch recipes – Are you a vegan and feel difficult to get the right restaurant to have a lunch today? Why don’t you cook it by yourself? Without any animal products, you can still make various delicious vegetarian dishes for lunch. Furthermore, with many kinds of vegetables that can be bought in the market, you vegetarian recipes will be varied. Below, We will share some delicious and smart ideas to cook the vegetarian lunch. So, check this out.

1. Corn Cream Soup

We can say that the Corn Cream Soup is a dish with the oriental style. This soup is so condensed, tasteful and full of nutrition. You can eat the corn cream soup with the plain rice, red rice, mashed potatoes or even bread and it will be one of the best vegetarian lunch recipes that you can try. Besides delicious and full of the nutrition, the corn cream soup is also perfect to warm your body, especially for you who live in the cold area.

2. Chocolate Protein Shakes

The vegetarian lunch recipes are not only for the main dishes but also for the drink or the dessert. To make your vegetarian lunch is more complete, you can make the healthy milkshake that is named “Chocolate Protein Shakes”. If you are the milkshake lover, but you are trying to reduce the sugar consumption, this is the right drink for you to make. This dessert is made from the fresh fruit and also the delicious almond nut. This Chocolate shakes can be an alternative to make your sunny day is fresher than before.

3. Vegetarian Gimbab

If you are the Korea dishes lover, you can make the vegetarian gimbab that is perfect for the vegetarian lunch recipes. Gimbab is like sushi from Japan. Gimbab is usually made from the white rice that is rolled with the dried seaweed. To make this vegetarian gimbab, you just need to add some boiled vegetables to the gimbab rolls. Besides having the delicious taste, this kind of foods is also so easy to make and simple as well. You can make it as a lunch package to be eaten in your office.

4. Green Nugget

Nugget is usually made from the chicken meat or maybe the beef that is milled. Nugget is a food that is loved by most of the people in this world because it is so crunchy outside and also so moist inside. That food can be eaten with the rice, mashed potatoes, bread, soup and many more. However, if you are a vegetarian, then the green nugget is the right nugget for you. You can make one of these vegetarian lunch recipes from some vegetarian ingredients such as the vegetables. For this case, you can use some veggies like the broccoli, spinach, and the other green vegetables as the main ingredient. The green nugget can be the delicious vegetarian lunch recipes that you can try.

So, those are the vegetarian lunch recipes that worth to try to make your vegetarian life is more interesting.

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